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Mirella Cooks is the go to complete Italian cookbook. Not only does it cover dozens and dozens of incredible recipes, but it includes Italian history and cultural nuances that will make you an authentic Italian cook!

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Mirella Cooks is a well written, knowledgeable and beautifully descriptive encyclopedia of savory authentic true Italian cuisine. A must have for all of those who enjoy cooking and enjoying Italian cuisine.

Katherien Lundin, Edmonton, Alberta



These recipes bring back a lot of great memories. Very well done Mirella I'm sure it took a lot of hours and now that it's all done you should be proud of yourself. Congratulations on a job well done

Toni FM, Surrey, British Columbia


Mirella Cooks is a fascinating walk through a country and culture responsible for some of the most delicious food you'll ever eat, on this planet or any other. Forget the expensive flight and the jet-lag, tour Italian geography, culture, history and cuisine from the comfort of your own kitchen as you prepare masterful dishes that instantly invoke that classical old-world charm while simply surpassing the flavour of the often over-spiced and over-processed fare we are so frequently inundated with. With Mirella Cooks, you'll not only be equipped to prepare incredibly authentic Italian food, you'll also have an underlying conversational knowledge of the ingredients, the origins and usage, the perfect accompaniment and everything else necessary to turn an average meal into an experience.

Kelly Eros, Stony Plain Alberta



Mirella Cooks is a fun and informative glance at her life and food experience, that not only offers up delicious recipes but an insight into Italian life, customs and the beautiful simplicity of Italian cuisine. This is an encyclopedia of flavors and culture.

Daniel Huber, Edmonton, Alberta


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Please enjoy this complimentary recipe for Persica (Peaches)




Mirella Cooks

I became interested in preparing Italian food when as an adult I went in search of authentic Italian restaurants and realized that there were very few, most Italian restaurants are what I consider inspired by Italian; I have recently heard that even the restaurants in Italy are moving away from authenticity because they want to appeal to tourists.

This lead me to research for recipes on the internet and I soon came to the realization that although there were authentic Italian recipes on the internet that were similar there was no one place that a person could go to get the kind of recipes I enjoy preparing and sharing with family and friends; and so Mirella Cooks was born.





"Dishes cooked like they do in the villages of Italy!"

Copyright © 2014 by Mirella L. Sacco

ISBN: 978-0-9939473-0-8  193 pages (E-Book Format)

"Some of the recipes you will find in this book are: Porpette di Pane, Homemade Bread and pasta, desserts like Turdilli, Persica Cookies and more than 100 other recipes that are authentic to the Italian Culture. You will also find a short lesson in Italian, some of the more common foods that you will find at most Italian meals as well as cooking abbreviations and measurement conversions.  When trying the recipes in this book keep in mind that not only is Italian cooking regional but each village may have its own recipe or even pronunciation of the recipes in this book."