Mirella Cooks Folic Acid Rich Recipes....This book touches on a broad spectrum of recipes from common north American standards and traditional Italian home style dishes. Simple instructions and lots of photos to let you know if you’re on the right track. I was surprised by the generosity in Mirella’s sharing in this book it gives the sense of her caring and belief that food isn’t just something to shove in your mouth but that it is life and caring and the medicine we need to help be and stay healthy.


Jason Colvin, Edmonton, AB


This cookbook is easy to read, great photos and recipes for everyday & every cook no matter if a beginner or experienced.  I would recommend this cookbook to family and friends and enemies; it's that good. Well written, easy to follow and inspiring.

PS I could have used this book when my kids were at home.

Chuck McKenna

Experienced cook and single father of 2

Owner Jesters Gaming Room


Mirella Lucia Sacco has once again compiled a superb book of simple recipes that are sure to delight.  Mirella Cooks Folic Acid Rich Recipes is specifically geared towards food with folic acid, something all women require to help prevent Neural Tube Defects.  It is packed with unique recipes and reminds me of some classics as well as simple snacks that you will be glad to eat again and again.  Buy it today


D. Mallett, Edmonton, AB


Mirella Cooks Folic Acid Rich Recipes

Copyright © 2020 by Mirella L. Sacco


978-0-9939473-5-3  112 pages (E-Book Format)

"In Mirella Cooks Folic Acid Rich Recipes I have attempted to compile recipes that contain folic acid; you will find some that are high in folic acid and some that have small amounts of folic acid; I have a special interest in folic acid because I was born with Spina Bifida. Folic Acid has been shown to reduce the risk of Neural Tube Defects."